The state-of-the-art sports simulator utilizes real sports equipment to play within a simulated game environment.

Choose from several sports and game modes. Play as many rounds as you would like within your reserved time slot. Sports equipment is provided (except golf clubs), but players may also bring their own.

Capacity is limited to 4 players.



Finally know the excitement of taking the mound to try your fastball against opposing batters. Play in a variety …
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Take to the hardwood to sink baskets from all over court. Choose 1 or 2 players then select from …
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This is the traditional Bocce game with a Visual Sports twist. Play it is a variety of settings, from …
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Step right up and try your skill at your favorite midway games. Knock down the milk bottles, pop balloons …
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Seconds left in the game, down by two points, the crowd is roaring. Hero or goat, it’s all down …
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Immerse yourself in a variety of golf simulations, from 18 holes on perfectly rendered versions of your favorite courses around …
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Hockey is a game of both power and precision, and so is our interactive simulator. Choose from three game …
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Lacrosse attackers… the best defense is a good offense! Take goal shots from anywhere in the play area to …
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Choose 1 or 2 player, and which of two game modes to try, then test your kicking power and skill. …
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Zombie Dodgeball

For zombie hunters of all ages, fight back an invasion armed only with a dodgeball and your own arm. …
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